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Watchers feature n.1

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 6:40 PM

I'm starting a watchers feature, which I'll be running every two weeks as a small way of saying thank you for being kind enough to have me on your watchlist, I appreciate the support very much :hug:

The features run in order of oldest watcher to the newest. If you have time to check these guys out, I know you'll enjoy browsing, there are a lot of wonderful artists out there and hopefully through these features you will find more :)

1. mangoisa
Lover of Life, Singer of Songs by mangoisa  The Joker by mangoisa
Freddie and Brian by mangoisa  Brokeback Mountain by mangoisa

2. msfreddiemercury
Freddie Practice Finished by msfreddiemercury  Freddie Practice Finished! by msfreddiemercury
Doodle Of Mountain by msfreddiemercury  Doodle of Freddie's Eye by msfreddiemercury

3. Doctor-Pencil
Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston by Doctor-Pencil  Johnny Cash by Doctor-Pencil
Brad Pitt - Long Hair by Doctor-Pencil  Captain Jack Sparrow by Doctor-Pencil

4. Himitsu-Kodoku
TerminoTénues lembranças,
inúmeras andanças,
várias mudanças.
Passado, presente,
futuro ausente...
Num só momento
tudo isto conjugado,
num fortuito ensejo
tudo isto anulado.
A sucessão começa...
Tempo perdido, erros cometidos
vida maculada de tantos desvarios...
De sonhos recalcados para destroçados
numa vida toldada de fracassos.
De todas as memórias criadas
as ditosas foram quebradas,
da alegria aparente, fraqueza sequente.
Apoderado, subjugado, toldado,
invadido, possuído.
Espírito sujo e contorcido.
A sucessão cessa...
A demência do último lamento,
uma vida sem afecto nem alento.
  EnsnaredAn empty life was hard to bear
The tears would flow, the loner's snare.
For he who lost to fortune or doom
Merely awaits despair's swoon.
Such is the tale of a finished soul
Whose battles meant a cruel toll;
"The greatest warrior!", he once became.
"A shattered fool", he now sustained .
Sustained .... sustained ...
Death and Treason
How they echoed in war's season!
Love so fiercely protected
Perishing, blatantly unexpected.
These wicked twists of fate
How I condemn them with hate
My failure will be punished
In this life, the next
I'll remain diminshed!
In the eternal flames I'll be finished.

Lonesome FarewellBack to the city of "farewell"
Where friendship grows
Yet solitude's fell.
Where cold wind flows
Through streets built high
From wise keeps risen,
Where the great sages lie,
To the deep longing glow
Of the river below.
Back to the city of "so long"
How those words echo
Like some folktale song...
Back to the city of "Goodbye"
The tears, they fall
The end draws nigh,
"Oh hush, sweet child",
She'd hug me and whisper
Little she knew what followed,
The feeling would linger ...
For loneliness foreshadows death
The patient predator who steals your breath.
He wickedly schemes behind your back
Knowing you'll forever be taken aback.
Never leave those close to you
Always be there and always be true.
You may say farewell to your family
but you'll keep your friends and live fully.

5. KadajKaiba
Val Kilmer and Jim Carrey by KadajKaiba  Free-Spirited by KadajKaiba
Jack by KadajKaiba  Aragorn by KadajKaiba

6. Carl-Seager
David Bowie Sketch by Carl-Seager  Paul McCartney II A3 by Carl-Seager
Beatles, Ringo 'Abbey Road' Sculpture 57mm by Carl-Seager  Urien Rakarth sculpture by Carl-Seager

7. BlownAParte
Rowan Atkinson by BlownAParte  Nikita Willy by BlownAParte
Bruno Mars by BlownAParte  Jesse Eisenberg by BlownAParte

8. jeni-art
Arya Stark by jeni-art  Tyrion Lannister by jeni-art
Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran by jeni-art  Sam and Dean by jeni-art

9. Kseung
Angelina Jolie by Kseung  :bigthumb208932869:
:bigthumb190426509:  Shelly-Ann McMorris by Kseung

10. freatmah
curious by freatmah  the purple by freatmah
Pentax by freatmah  old car by freatmah

Thank you for your patience,

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Brushes by gvalkyrie
jeni-art Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
OMG..ty for your feature....i have been away and very sick since Christmas...what a nice welcome back!
ISG-Art Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem :) Thank YOU for the watch!
And sorry for the late reply but it has been an exam-filled month and I haven't had he chance to come here often. Anyway, hope you're all good now, healthwise, and I don't think it is yet to late to say, happy new year! =D
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